As a single Mother raising my daughter, I 'believed' I never had the quality time I wanted to spend with her while working as a Trauma Nurse and as an Entrepreneur.

7 years ago I made a decision to change that narrative.

I now have a Business where I work my own hours, from home, have more time freedom & have the flexibility I wanted so that I could be more present for my daughter throughout all her milestones, all while assisting Women Heal, return to their original blueprint, reclaim their Sovereignty as a Leader, as a Speaker, as a Coach, as a Healer, as an Author, as a Mentor in whatever field they specialise or want to start in.

I offer Private Sessions for Clients or if you would like to become a Coach yourself, I will personally train you to become an NLP & Hypnotherapy Practitioner.

Find what works for you.

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The Inception of JAD Academy


Jocelyn's mission is to help Women become Unstoppable.

The creation of JAD Academy is a learning & training hub, a Sacred Online Space where Women from all over the World can access their education and experience the journey from novice to expert, while creating opportunities for themselves that are unlimited in a supportive environment.

It was designed with earning and learning in mind, to help Women personally whilst simultaneously rapidly improving their personal & professional lives.

JAD Academy Principles



About Me


Jocelyn has worked in the Healthcare industry for over 27 years and it wasn't until she became unwell and needed to find an alternative to surgery and a life of medication that changed the trajectory of her life forever.

Who would've known some audio CD's with Hypnotherapy and simple Mindset tools implemented every day would heal her heart condition?

Well it did, and so began Jocelyn's lifelong curiosity into Personal Development and understanding patterns of behaviour; Human behaviour.

When you can literally heal your life and help others do the same, it's a game changer.

Jocelyn is committed to training Women who want to upgrade and uplevel their Mindset, their Health, their Relationships, their Finances and their Business. As a Mother she believes there is no greater gift than to have a legacy and life changing skill set that empower yourself, your children and your posterity.

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How to Work with Jocelyn...


Learn to Master your thoughts and beliefs which drive all your decision making to Empower you and Transform your life......



Through a Course

Become Certified as an NLP & Hypnotherapy Practitioner in Jocelyn's exclusive online Live training reserved only for those who are serious about building a successful online business.

Be present for 7 days of Online training spread out over 3 weekends and a follow up day to consolidate all your learnings.  Also includes free face to face training in person with Jocelyn at her Live events in Gold Coast, Australia.

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Through Workshops & Retreats

Jocelyn offers Reiki Level 1, 2 & 3, Enrol throughout the year and learn at your own pace.

Jocelyn also offers 2 Day Workshops & Mini Retreats. The Mini Retreats are focussed on Mind, Body, Spirit Alignment.  The Workshops are focussed on helping Small Business Owners Align in their Mission & Purpose.

Check the 2022 Calendar for the next event available.

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Through a 1:1 session with Jocelyn

Have an issue or problem you want to resolve quickly without having to spend years and years of therapy, wasting time and lots of money fixing it?

Want to have someone who has worked in the field of Healthcare for 27 years, who can literally guide you safely through your own realisations, healing & expansion?

Jocelyn has worked with people most of her life in some of their most Vulnerable, Challenging moments. She most definitely will be able to help you.

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"When a Sovereign Woman has her own business Her creative gifts come alive expanding her growth providing nourishment that has a deeper purpose. She is on a Mission and everyone on her path benefits. The Unstoppable Woman has been unleashed."


Jocelyn Awhina Dodunski

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See how you can heal aspects of Masculine Principles in your Money, Mission, Men & God.

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Do you want to upskill and become a person of Influence in your Personal or Professional life?

Do you want to elevate your Leadership and decision making skills?

Do you want to demonstrate consistency through eliminating self sabotaging behaviours and getting rid of procrastination, unhealthy stress and anxiety?

Do you want to have more clarity and let go of negative emotions and limiting decisions that keep you stuck?

Would you like to create a Successful Online business while still helping people from all around the world in the comfort of your own home?

Would you like to discover what really drives your Unconscious behaviour and use it more effectively?

Are you interested in learning how to better negotiate with your Teenagers, work colleagues and team in a mutually beneficial way?

Want to improve communication with your teenage children and have a stronger relationship with them then you've ever had before?


Unleash your Unstoppable Mindset and empower yourself and your career by training as a Certified Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner & Hypnotherapist Practitioner.  These two Modalities combined give you the unstoppable edge in life and in business.

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Join the 'I am Unstoppable' movement


Unlock instant access to Jocelyn's free powerful 'I AM UNSTOPPABLE' Movement with free audios and guided Meditations, Self-Hypnosis and lessons to help you get unstuck, let go, destress and tap into your bodies wisdom.


These tools are particularly created with you in mind, so that you can practice Mindfulness and enhance your life.


Discover how to get Unshakeable Self Love and Resilience by Reprogramming your Rewiring. 


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Become a Certified Practitioner



Train in Jocelyn's revolutionary NLP & Hypnotherapy Practitioner course and learn powerful tools, techniques & skills that set you apart Personally and Professionally.

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Rapidly Transform your Life



Take a look at Jocelyn's Meditations, Self Hypnosis audios, or Work with her 1:1 for life changing permanent results.

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Who Jocelyn Helps...


Jocelyn's Client's include Entreprenuerial professionals who are people centred Women dedicated to Transforming their story into an empowering Legacy for themselves and their future generations.

As a high achiever and high performer, Jocelyn always found a way to overcome any obstacle. Until she couldn't. Driven by the desire to get to the root cause of her Health issues gave her the edge she needed to Align authentically to who she truly is. By acknowledging her Traumatic childhood, it gave her the Freedom to acknowledge her past & upgrade in a meaningful way. This has been the catalyst to her being able to assist others do the same.

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Why Jocelyn is inspired...


Now more than ever before; people need the skills, guidance and inspiration that one can gain and use for the better good that NLP & Hypnotherapy offers.  Jocelyn is committed to providing a course that aligns you to your Mission, that you are here to fulfil and advance your entrepreneurial skills to better yourself and your life.


With experience working with people, alongside teams, leading and guiding within teams in her career in the Healthcare industry Jocelyn has spent her life dedicated to working with people in some capacity. In her role now she is dedicated as a Trainer to facilitate opportunities for Women to empower and help themselves, while learning at the same time.



Alignment happens when the Unconscious becomes Conscious...


Throughout her career as a Trauma Nurse and in healthcare Jocelyn got to see first hand the most stressful, traumatic, life altering moments in someone's life and the most amazing miracles where people overcame tremendous odds and survived. Jocelyn got to see people at their worst and also at their best.

What fascinated her the most was how human behaviour was vast and different and no one person who experienced the same health issue or social crisis dealt with it the same. She also noticed a congruent pattern with corresponding behaviours. Those who tended to complain more always had something wrong in their life. Those who had a positive outlook on their prognosis, diagnosis and responded with certainty that they would overcome the hurdle, seemed to recover relatively quicker.

Jocelyn experiencing her own Health crisis, became curious and it was when she asked, 'What if....What if I can heal myself. What if I didn't need surgery and pills to fix this? What if it was emotion, trapped in my body?'  that her Unconscious Mind filtered the information she needed to help her recover. She found a book, 'You can Heal your life', by Louise Hay and that book was the doorway into personal development.

As you probably know when you ask empowering questions you tend to get empowering answers. Jocelyn became dedicated to asking more empowering questions and within 7 years after partnering with Award Winning experts in NLP, Hypnotherapy, Time Line (R) Therapy, RTT (R), Edisc Behavioural Profiling and Energy Healing she could  utilise her past experiences and now brings you her NLP & Hypnotherapy Online Course and Live Events to Empower the Mindsets of those who are on a similar pathway to have an Unstoppable Mindset.




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Feel free to connect with Jocelyn and her team to find out if this NLP & Hypnotherapy course is the right one for you.

FREE Scholarship to be a Certified NLP & Hypnotherapy Practitioner Course


Jocelyn's Mission is to ensure she gives back and helps other People Centred Mums who are Entrepreneurs reach their goals too.

She randomly offers Free Scholarships. To be in to win, follow her on Social Media and join up to her Newsletter to get the latest news and updates and details about upcoming Scholarships.




Jocelyn Awhina Dodunski & JAD Academy acknowledges the Traditional Custodians of country throughout Australia and their connections to land, sea and community. We pay our respect to their elders past and present and extend that respect to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people today.
In particular we pay tribute to the Yugambeh People, the traditional custodians of South East Queensland & North East New South Wales. To work and live in Australia is a privilege we are grateful for and do not take for granted.

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