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From a high school drop out and Single Mother at 26, to an International Trainer, Speaker, Therapist, Coach & Energy Healer Empowering Women to trust their Bodies Wisdom and Transform their Mindset.



Hi, I'm Jocelyn


Trainer, Speaker, Therapist and Energy Healer.

My Mission is to Help create High End Coaches & Healers become Unstoppable.

I am here to spread the message that you can achieve your goals with life changing tools that are transformative, rapid yet simple, without needing to perform brain surgery or get a 4 year College degree.

Having Success and Transforming your life is not Rocket Science, nor do you have to be a 'Special' person with a high IQ.

Upgrading and rewiring your Unconscious Mind and improving your life takes courage and bravery. That is all. Anyone can do it, if they decide. Letting go of negative emotions & self limiting beliefs and creating new neural pathways initially may seem unfamiliar, but eventually it will become familiar and your Unconscious Mind loves what is familiar.

For almost 30 years, I have been committed to saving peoples lives in Healthcare. Now I Train Coaches, Entrepreneurs & Healers to gain necessary life skills, start their own Private Practice and have the mindset, supportive environment & fortitude to literally save their own.

I am dedicated to giving Professionals the extra edge through Rapid Breakthrough Sessions that are life altering for the better.


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"As a child I believed I was happy, loved to play and wanted to be a good girl"


Growing up I noticed the family dysfunction, Narcissist Psychopath biological father, my Real Dad who raised me, a Truck Driver the complete opposite and my Mother who suffered significant Trauma rom an early age high stress and high anxiety most of my childhood.

I may have been given a roof over my head, clothes and shoes, but I had no one to talk to about what I was feeling the abuse I saw and experienced. I never felt loveable because I couldn't show all parts of me, the scared little girl who compensated by people pleasing and being overly submissive to supplicate for the love I missed.


"I saw my eldest Siblings suffer tremendously due to all the abuse, so I made a promise one day I would help find a cure for them"


I was 9 & 15 when my elder Sister and Brother became unwell due to the horrendous abuse. My brothers two sons were only babies, to which I made a vow to protect and look after them.  But when you don't heal yourself and the pain from your childhood, you are no use to anyone, especially your children, partner and family.  

I moved out of my parents at 15, left school at the age of 16, turned to food for comfort, binge drinking, going out and partying. I was on a destructive path and I felt I barely had a voice. But when I got pregnant at 26 my life changed. I was responsible for a little girl and needed to ensure I could give her a safe childhood.

 What seemed like an endless lifetime of sadness and pain were just thoughts, and thoughts can be changed. My beliefs were upgraded and I realised life was happening for me, not to me after investing a lot of time, money and attention to my own healing.

Now I get to Certify NLP & Hypnotherapy Practitioners and attune Reiki Healers so that they too can learn from their past while creating a compelling future and reputable career. I know first hand that these tools not only can transform your life, they give you the opportunity to make permanent lasting changes and habits of thought that are empowering and biohack every cellular mollecular structure of your mind and body. This in turn gives you freedom, an architecture that is foundational to your life.



Jocelyn 2 yrs old; Photo taken by her Nana




"It's in your moments of Decision that shape your Destiny" 


Tony Robbins


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"Your past is your past. It does not serve you holding onto old Wounds, Traumas and Hurts. Give yourself the Gift of Life and live it by letting go.

Learn to Master yourself, your Energy and take Responsibility in creating a Compelling future woven by your Courageous self."



The NLP & Hypnotherapy Practitioner Course is revolutionary and unique. While learning you are also letting go and releasing outdated programming that does not serve.

Start your new career, be your own boss, work from home, have flexible hours and heal all at the same time in a supportive environment.

You are not alone in this.

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