Masculine Alchemy 


Masculine Alchemy is the foundation for Inner Masculine Consciousness connected to the energy that heals the relationship with ALL Masculine aspects: God, Money, Mission & Men. Inner Masculine Alchemy allows the Grail line to be anchored in your Consciousness.

This is where the Inner Masculine Soul aspect of your Consciousness allows for you to connect with the physical aspects of KINGDOM power in your life. Without this integrated you will find you do not have the principle to help you anchor emotional power and physical law, which includes dominion in your inner world and in the physical. The Inner Masculine is your Inner Hero, the aspect when raised becomes the bridge between the spiritual (feminine) aspect of yourself can use to express power in the physical 3D reality.  This Inner Masculine Alchemy healing helps you activate the POWER in you to integrate yourself as the first Queen.  It is Royal Alchemy that takes place in your Internal World and assist the Grail line to birth the first Queen Power in you and also in your Clients.

In this container you are going to raise your Inner Hero which will energetically support you, and hold space for your feminine to receive in Multidimensional ways from the Immortal King.You are literally going to heal the pain body of the Feminine while allowing that aspect to hand over the pain to your Inner Masculine Soul and allow for your Inner Masculine to receive the energy of the Divine Masculine with the Passionate devotion to bring in that aspect as law in your life.

The principle of the Masculine is potent and powerful as you allow your Inner Hero to go on a quest securing it's highest sacred treasure, the Feminine, and in this journey He is in service to His sacred Feminine.

This is a deep container which Jocelyn provides as you journey with her to raise up your Inner Hero in your consciousness which heals the lower Masculine and lower Feminine aspects of yours and multiple generations of Matriarchal and Patriarchal anarchy expressed in your lineage.  At a cellular molecular level your emotional body and physical body will begin to transmute, update, reprogram and recondition into an upgraded higher level of Masculine Consciousness as it relates to God, Money, Mission & Men.  Begin to take form and ground in these principles that will literally transform the energetic foundational structure of you, your business, your relationships, your family system, your parenting, your money and your connection to your Feminine aspects by also anchoring in King Consciousness, God Consciousness the Immortal Masculine Consciousness which is potent and Divine.

You have 12 Months with Jocelyn with Monthly Sessions and Monthly Group Masterclasses to help guide and navigate your deeper levels of healing that take form in this ground breaking program.

This stunning Group Program will assist you to disconnect from authoritative programming that keeps Women disconnected. Women must be liberated from this looping in their Relationships, Business, Careers and Money if they really want to experience true Sovereignty. It is important for their Matriarchal Wealth & Health line and for the legacy they leave for their prosperity. The only way their offspring will thrive, is by doing the internal work now that creates the foundational structures of a potent and powerful reunification process with their Inner Masculine Alchemy.

Aligning and connecting to God Consciousness and King Consciousness this signature program is for those Women who are wanting to Uplevel their lives in a much bigger way beyond the physical reality and experience a deep Quantum Initiation into their Queen Consciousness.

This is only for those who are serious about Healing Timelines, and Breaking Generational Curses, Programming and Conditioning. Healing from Narcissistic Abuse, Physical, Emotional, Mental Collapse, Lack of Money, Health Issues are some of what can occur on this program.

The Program starts January 31st 2022 with only limited spots available.


What you will get:


**BONUS 2 x Free 2 HR Sessions 1:1 with Jocelyn **

  • 7 Week Intensive with Weekly Masterclasses
  • Private FB Group
  • Personal Training and Mentoring
  • Access to Masculine Alchemy Signature Resources
  • Supportive Collective of Colleagues to learn and connect with


Booking Information

Please contact to find out more information about the Program.

Jocelyn will contact you personally and provide you with information.

40 Haven Drive, Holmview QLD, Australia

Email: [email protected]


Cancellation Policy

There are no cancellations or refunds.


Results vary from person to person. 


Break Generational Chains


Masculine Alchemy


Have clarity in your life without relying on Meditation circles, Gatherings, Retreats & Tarot.

Connect at a much deeper level to God Consciousness and have King Consciousness ground and integrate within you on a much deeper level than ever before.

Deepen your Relationships, Heal from past Traumas, connect with God, Your Purpose & Mission, Your Money & other Men in such a profound deep and meaningful way.

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