Anxiety & Depression


These can be very debilitating, but they don't have to be. They are the most common Mental Health issues people face. In Australia alone,1 in 4 Australians will experience Anxiety in their lifetime. This is equivalent to 4.96 million people today.

1 in 7 experience Depression which is equivalent to 2.71 million people who have experienced Depression within 12 months.  These have likely increased since the Worldwide Health issue. Depression & Anxiety is not only prevalent it is also treatable.

Anxiety is a state of being fearful of the future, of 'what is going to happen'. It is more than worry, feeling stressed out, it is a hypersensitivity to anything and everything that is sudden, spontaneous, unplanned or surprising that the person is challenged by. This could be having to be in big crowds, public speaking, performing well at work to something as simple as a phone conversation. For the person it is over stimulated nervous system in fight or freeze or flight and the person feels like they can do nothing to stop out, feeling out of control.

Depression is a mood that is persistent and pervasive and causes feelings that impact quality of life.  It is more than a low mood however, it is a serious health condition that affects your overall mental health and physical health over time.

Jocelyn offers One Session, Three Sessions or Six Sessions.

She offers these Sessions In Person at her Private Practice or Online.

The focus here is to change the limiting beliefs and associated emotions so that they are future focussed in a positive way while acknowledging the past narrative, event or person who may have made you feel not good enough, unloved or that you didn't belong. Through NLP & Hypnotherapy the first session is focussed on reprogramming and reconditioning your unconscious mind to upgrade and up level new empowering beliefs. You will receive:

  • An information booklet with some tips on how to self regulate yourself
  • A Transformational recording to listen to for 21 Days
  • A 'Return to Your Original Blueprint' Booklet
  • 2 Audios 
  • - 1 to be listened to every morning
  • - 2 to be listened to every night
  • If you request 3 Sessions we will schedule a session every 3 weeks with follow up at 9 weeks post first session
  • If you request 6 Sessions we will schedule a session every 3 weeks with 1 Coaching Sessions to create a strategy plan for yourself and your Health. Follow up will be at 18 weeks post first session

Jocelyn believes 1 - 3 Sessions is sufficient. 6 Sessions are an option if you feel you need it.

Jocelyn herself knows what it is like to suffer from Anxiety & Depression. She herself was able to heal without medication and non invasive techniques utilising mainly NLP & Hypnotherapy along with Meditation & Reiki. Due to this she is an advocate for Self Healing and changing a few things that will automatically bring your body back into homeostasis. There is life without Anxiety & Depression.


Booking Information

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Cancellation Policy

Cancellations 24 hours prior to the Session are not refundable and not transferable.