What is a Divine Goddess?

Uncategorized Aug 08, 2018

Divine is the ability and capacity to create through the Source of all Creation, Universe, Heavenly Father, God whatever the name this title resonates with you, they are all one and the same.

We were created to come to this life and fulfil our Purpose, which if we were honest we can not do all by ourselves. The humanness holds us back in so many ways, limited by social form, beliefs, values, standards sometimes passed down from our parents, grandparents etc. These can stop us from living the life we want to, and instead of designing what we truly want, we can fall into the trap of allowing others to classify ourselves according to other peoples expectations of what they would have us do. In order to do this, we forget our power and exist, purely going through the motions of 'life'.

Goddess is the Feminine Energy that resides in every Women. When there is chaos, scatter, doubt and confusion in her life, this usually means she is not connected with herself, she on some level is not present, or in touch with her, because she has disowned the truth of who she truly is.

If ever a Goddess finds herself in struggle, pain, survival mode and just trying to get by, she will not be able to create, she will not be able to co-create and will not be able to exercise and expand her Sovereignty. It is a calling from on high. Knowing the traditions of Maori people, and in some way the collective of all ancient people, the leaders by infinite right, because of the connection with Mother Earth, Papatuanuku, the Mother of all Creation, we come from her, her essence is within us, therefore if we are confused, lost, or struggling we disconnect from her, become 'inauthentic' because we are not grounded to who we are. Our Wahine were amazing in that they relied on Papatuanuku for everything to provide for their families. They also worked together and created a Sisterhood, the community of Mothers who helped each other raise their children, cook, prepare and govern over their family, and through these angelic communications, tribes flourished and became strong based on the Pillars of Integrity, Strength, Uniqueness, Faith, Courage and Determination of these Wahine Toa.

Divine Goddess - is not attached to any denomination, it is the form of who we are as Women. It is that connection we have with each other where when connected to ourselves we are connected to our purpose, to others and we shine in our essence more vibrantly. It is not a few words, it is a way of being, acting and doing. It's reviewing life and looking deep within to find the answers that have always been there to the questions burning within. Only She can create the results in her life, no one else will ever be able to do that for her. And in so doing she knows the only way to her Path, her Purpose, is to activate all parts of her, connected, loved, loving and compassionate for the good of her children, her man, her family, her community....

The example of my Nana is something I will never forget, very staunch and stoic, I see elements of this in a Divine Goddess, however the ability to extend her radiance and grace, and emanate her totality through a place of Power. Others call it Boss lady, some may say Entrepreneur, in other cultures she maybe the Matriarch, the Queen, The Princess etc. They are all the same, Divine Goddess needs all parts of her self to navigate this life and emancipate herself. She is not boxed into what others would have her described as.

She is Wild, She is free, She is limitless, She speaks her truth, She trusts and loves, She honours herself, She puts herself first, She welcomes and embraces, She can fight if she needs to because her foundation is Connectedness & Passion, part fire, part water, part air, part earth. She has the Warrioress inside her, She is romantic, She is sexy, She is not ashamed of her body, She owns herself, She has certainty and is Decisive, She is the Creator of all the possibilities within her life. She is loved by many in all her totality.

That is a Divine Goddess....


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