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20th August 2021

Te Whare Tapa Wha Model


The 4 elements of this Model is based on health and wellbeing.

These comprise of 4 walls,

Taha Wairua / Spiritual Health

Taha Hinengaro / Mental & Emotional Health

Taha Tinana / Physical Health 

Taha Whanau / Family Health

These 4 walls represent an individuals Hau Ora (Health).

Each wall is needed and an integral part of a person's overall health. If one wall is missing then the health of the person is compromised and will collapse similar to the structure of a whare (house).

All 4 elements are important and needed and it is up to each individual to maintain these areas of their life and ensure each area is in harmony for their overall health.  If any are out of alignment it is then important for that person to make steps to reclaim, realign and recondition themselves back to their desired Health.


The 3 Pillars of JAD Academy 

Divine Wealth


Accessing the Truth of who you are for your Divine Sacred Work and receiving Divine Compensation. A Commitment to investing in yourself, your business, your healing as it relates to Money and being Unapologetic about charging for your services. Knowing that your Worth is far beyond being enslaved to a Lack Mindset and a mentality that you need a Provider. You  alone Provide the Key to Generational Wealth.



Embodiment of the Divine Wisdom of your Ancestors, your Heritage, your Medicine, your Gifts that Transcend the Mortal self while Helping others realise their Greatest Potential.

These Gifts of which are birthed to bless your Posterity and 7 Lines Deep by leaving a Formidable Legacy and leading in a way you have never done before.

Divine Health


Having the Energetic Structure to hold, attract and be aligned to your Purpose & Mission is all in your Health Blueprint.  When you were born the Original Blueprint you were born with holds the keys to your Health today. 
Your Sacred Vessel is important and needs to be Nurtured, Nourished and held in High Regard.
Embody the Body you are meant to have in all Her Divine Glory.

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